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We are running out of time! We currently have only one strategy in place to battle the threat of Climate Change: Net Zero.

CO₂ –the main greenhouse gas– is a molecule connected to many processes and value chains across the globe affecting each nation in different ways. We have seen the glacial pace at which impactful decisions are being made and it is unknown to what extent promises and pledges will be kept.

We need a Plan B to prevent the most devastating consequences, the melting ice bergs, rising sea levels, weather pattern changes, droughts, floods which are all directly linked to Global Warming.

WOXON has a Plan B and focusses on the main symptom caused by greenhouse gases: Rising temperatures.

WOXON is the B-Team, buying time for the many Net Zero A-Teams to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the root cause. Cooling our oceans will reduce the rapidly increasing devastating number of negative climate events by offsetting the thermal impact of greenhouse gases.

The Problem

Over the last 50 years, more than 90% of the global increase in energy inventory has gone into the oceans, an average temperature increase of 1.3⁰C.

The increase in energy inventory is caused by the increase of CO₂ in the atmosphere which went up by 20% over the last 40 years alone. The CO₂ provides a global “Blanket” that reduces the amount of energy radiated into space.

There is a direct linear link between the amount of CO₂ we add to the atmosphere and the temperature: CO₂ goes up -> Temperature goes up.

If we stop increasing the CO₂ levels by 2050 under current Net Zero plans, this still means another at least 25+ years of temperature rise – and this is a BIG “If”. China has already shifted targets to 2060. Only then the CO₂ concentration will start to come down again allowing temperature to fall. It will take 100s of years to bring the temperature back to 20th century levels – if unaided. All of this is too slow to prevent ever increasing catastrophic climate events.

As it stands:
We have to wait for atmospheric carbon concentrations to level out over the next 25+ years before we can see a reduction in temperature from the level that we will have reached by then, which is unlikely to be only 1.5⁰C higher, will it be below 2⁰C?

We don't have to wait for this to happen, we can actively work on cooling solutions now to offset the negative effects of increasing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere. WOXON's goal is -1.3⁰C, the reversal of the already encountered ocean warming - starting NOW, not 25 years from now.

The Solution

WOXON is developing a scalable technology for fast and efficient climate repair by decoupling the CO₂ increase in the atmosphere from global temperature rise by

Cooling down the Oceans, the main heat storage unit on Earth

The Cooling task at hand is not trivial.
Existing suggestions to tackle the global temperature increase fall into 2 categories:
1) Reduction of incoming radiation by either modifying the atmosphere, adding reflecting components or modifying clouds
2) Heat exchange between cooler deep ocean water and warmer top currents. This does not necessarily cool down the ocean as a whole but re-distributes heat.

The unwanted consequences of the technologies are the unknowns at scale for all of these technologies (including the WOXON technology) and they need to be addressed to ensure that the solutions are not creating even bigger problems. These ideass can however not be dimissed as they might be some of the key tools in our toolbox to tackle the problems we are facing. What we cannot do is do nothing. The WOXON technology was developed with risk mitigation in mind using existing benign effects present in water.

The main engineering challenge is to cool water down without a “hot” waste product. Heat pump systems, as in air conditioning units or in our fridges, always produce heat in addition to doing their actual job. In this "use case" we don't have another space where we can dump the waste heat. The challenge is to transform the heat energy into a different energetic “waste stream”.

The WOXON process uses hydrogen as the energetic “waste stream”.

The process runs on fast flowing warm water currents. At scale this can be the Gulf Stream or any of the other major global warm currents. Scalability is at the heart of the design which requires no other energetic or chemical inputs.

Current Status: Lab based Proof-of-Concept rig, patent applied for.

A Cooling Challenge to all the engineers, scientists, inventors out there:
We think we found one solution to cool ocean water down without a "hot end". There must be more solutions out there coming from other areas in science, physics and chemistry. Find them! Happy to provide more guidance as we have already been on this journey for a while. Get in touch.

Let's cool things down together!


Water is the key enabler for the WOXON technology.

Water has many unusual capabilities and without them, there would be no life on earth.

  • Water should not even be liquid at standard temperature, thankfully it is.
  • Water's highest density is at 4⁰C, which means lakes freeze from the top and allow life to go on underneath in the liquid phase.
  • Water has a very high heat capacity, which is why we use it in our home heating systems and it is the main global heat storage system.
  • Water is always conductive as it auto-ionises, splits up into a positive H+ and negative OH-. When neutral 0.00001% of water molecules are split equally into positive and negative ions, which defines pH7.
  • The less known fact: Water is an active liquid. Every second 250 times more water molecules split into ions than already present at pH7. Why don't we see that? The recombination reaction of the ions back to water is one of the fastest chemical reaction known.
  • That means:
    About 80 Watt are constantly being destroyed and created per litre of water.
    Why this is happening, the root-cause of water auto-ionisation, is still not fully understood.

    Our oceans hold 1,350,000,000,000,000,000,000 litre of water.

    The WOXON process takes advantage of this hidden engine with a maximum addressable market of 100 Zetta Watt (Zetta= 21 zeros).

    The Team

    Founder: Dr. Achim Hoffmann

    Scientific knowledge in water technology combined with Deep Tech Entrepreneurial track record on both the operational and funding side.
    Achim Hoffmann

    Advisory Team:

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    Supporting Organisations:

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